International Joke Day: 10 Of Our Favorite Corny Cat Jokes To Celebrate

Funny cat

(Picture Credit: Nico De Pasquale Photography / Getty Images)

International Joke day falls on July 1st every year, and who better to make us laugh than our cats?

In these social media times, we all love to spend our time clicking through endless videos of felines engaging in weird and amusing behavior. Cats are funny, right?

But before we could get our kicks watching internet footage of a cat hilariously battling a cardboard box, we had to rely on good, old-fashioned cat jokes.

So in honor of International Joke Day, here are ten cat jokes to make you chuckle — or cringe.

Did any of these jokes put a smile on your face? Do you have a favorite cat joke? Regale us with it in the comments below for International Joke Day!

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