5 Feline Gods & Goddesses Your Cat Could Be Related To

bibelot of the black egyptian catbibelot of the black egyptian cat

(Picture Credit: Murat İnan/Getty Images)

Your cute little kitty prances around the house with an air of superiority, but that’s probably just because cat-liness is next to godliness.

Felines have been worshiped as deities around the world since ancient times. So if your cat seems high and mighty, it could just be the spark of divinity that still lives within them from their cat-god ancestors.

Here are a few feline deities that your cat could be related to!

No matter which deity your cat may have descended from, your kitty certainly deserves your respect, adoration, and warm cuddles. Cats are divine little beings just as they are.

Do you think your cat is a descendant of feline gods? Do you think we still worship cats today? Let us know in the comments below!

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