What Can Happen In The Week After You Switch To A Quick Absorbing Cat Litter – Elevate

Day Seven

You No Longer Dread The Litter Box

Most of us cat parents dread dealing with the litter box. From scooping to lifting to cleaning up the messes bad litter can leave behind, it’s a pain. In fact, most of us hide the litter box away in a low-traffic area of the home just to keep it out of sight and away from our noses.

But when you have a cat litter that clumps, absorbs wetness to trap odors and moisture, weighs less, and leaves your home dust free, you’ll no longer dread dealing with the litter box. In fact, you may not feel like you have to hide it away in some corner just to avoid smelling or looking at it.

Cleaning and refilling the box becomes much easier, and you won’t feel such a need to put those tasks off. That will make both you and your cat happier. Arm & Hammer’s Clump & Seal™ AbsorbX™ cat litter is quick absorbing,lightweight, dust free, and guarantees seven days of odor control to destroy bad smells on contact. So don’t put off switching to this new and unique cat litter. Your feline friend will thank you, and you’ll both see a lot of benefits even after just one week!

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