Stray Cat Found Shelter for Her Kittens in Backyard and Had Their Lives Changed Forever

A stray cat brought her kittens to someone’s backyard, and their lives were changed forever.

Tara Hatch

Last week, a family from Perth, Australia was surprised to discover a litter of kittens stowed away in a tool bag in their backyard. A stray cat had come to find shelter for her kittens, but she ran off and left them there.

The homeowners couldn’t keep the kittens because they had a dog in the house, so they reached out to Tara Hatch, the founder of The Mad Catters Inc., for help. « (We think) the cat mom was searching for a new nesting area for her precious babies in the rain. She carried them into their backyard and placed them in a tool bag on a shelf off the floor, » Tara shared with Love Meow.

Knowing that having a nursing cat gives the kittens their best chance at survival, they set a humane trap in the area and hoped for the mother’s return. « We were not giving up. »

Tara Hatch

After two nights and a lot of patience, they got the cat mom to safety and reunited her with her five kittens, in the comfort of a foster home.

The cat named Bella was very shy at first, trying to hide her face and avoid eye contact with people, but she couldn’t hide her happiness when she saw her babies.

Tara Hatch

She immediately recognized them and started grooming them, one by one.

« Bella can now feel relaxed and safe without the stress of predators, harsh weather, and most importantly — she will never have to go hungry or worry about finding food for her babies, » Tara said.

Tara Hatch

The kittens were so thrilled to have their mama back with them.

Bella is a devoted, doting mom and caters to her kittens’ every need. She is very pleased with her new digs, all the soft things to knead on and a food station that is constantly supplied.

With her kittens by her side, momma Bella is starting to learn to trust and making strides each day.

Tara Hatch

She is warming up to her foster mom and no longer hides in her nest when Tara comes into the room. « She is very shy but is building such a nice little bond with me, » Tara added.

« She stresses when she hears my cats, which is understandable because she has five babies to protect! But we can work on her cat socialization skills once they all grow up and find their new homes. »

Tara Hatch

Thanks to the timely rescue, Bella was able to receive care for a mild cat cold. She is coming out of her shell and settling in nicely with her litter of five.

In just a few days, the kittens have grown by leaps and bounds. They are getting more playful and spending a lot more time outside the nest.

Tara Hatch

The little bundles of joy have explored every nook and cranny in their foster room and are ready to jump, run, climb, and create all sorts of antics. « They are learning how to groom themselves. It’s one of the most adorable things, » Tara shared with Love Meow.

« The gray and calico are girls, and the other three (gingers) are boys. »

Tara Hatch

Sweet Bella did everything she could to keep her five kittens safe. Now, the family of six is thriving in foster care and enjoying their lives as indoor cats.

Tara Hatch

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