National Sunglasses Day: Check Out These 5 Instagram Cool Cats Sporting Shades!

Cat in sunglasses

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National Sunglasses Day is coming up on June 27th, and some cats are celebrating already!

Seasoned cat parents are well aware of the pitfalls that come with attempting to dress up your cat. But if you’re trying to snap some pics of your feline looking a little fancier than usual, consider getting them to sport a pair of sunglasses for a quick picture.

You can pick up a pair of cool cat sunglasses here!

With Sunglasses Day on the horizon, here are some inspiring Instagram pics of dapper kitties in shades.

1. June The Kitty

Let’s kick off with a photograph of June The Kitty, who pitches himself as a “full time ninja” cat who resides in the Netherlands.

June’s natty, round-framed glasses give him something of a John Lennon vibe, right?

2. Pretty In Pink

Next up, we have Mimi.

Here you can check out this fashionista feline posing for the camera in a pair of stylish pink sunglasses.

3. Milo Keeps It Dignified

Back to the round-frames scene, check out how Milo looks positively stately in his sunglasses and snappy bow tie combo.

4. Life’s A Beach

Lulu is a self-professed cat model.

For her summer lookbook, she’s chosen to totally kitty herself out with a pair of shades with lenses that also feature images of cats.

5. Sunglass Snoozing

Finally, let’s give it up for this fine tuxedo cat who has been smart enough to don a pair of shades so that he can sneak in a nap in peace.

Does your cat love to sport sunglasses? Are you going to snap any cute pics for National Sunglasses Day? Let us know in the comments below!

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