National Fishing Month: 5 Hilarious Videos Of Cats Versus Fish Tanks!

Cat on top of fish tank

(Picture Credit: Mel Melcon / Contributor / Getty Images)

August is a banner month for fish-related hashtag holidays. Not only is it officially recognized as Catfish Month, but it’s also celebrated as National Fishing Month.

Pop culture has always told us that cats cannot resist the lure of trying to catch fish, so let’s dig into five excellent YouTube videos that spotlight domestic cats trying their best to battle and interact with fish tanks.

Of course, hilarity ensues! Happy National Fishing Month!

1. Casey The Cat


First up, let’s meet Casey.

This paunchy ginger cat’s human admits that “Casey is not an agile cat.” So when Casey decides that she really needs to investigate what’s going on with a fish tank full of water that’s appeared in her home, you can probably guess the consequences.

2. Fivel Feels Animated


Next we come to the curious case of Fivel, a fine tuxedo cat.

Donning his best kitten mittens, Fivel gets furious and frantic when it comes to attempting to catch a mudskipper safely cavorting around inside a fish tank.

3. Scottish Fold Bowl


Here we have an instance of a Scottish Fold who just cannot resist trying to cram herself inside a round fish bowl.

Unfortunately, it’s not exactly the most spacious of glass vessels.

4. Fishy Friends


Two cats, one bowl, one fish.

Do they team up to try and catch an aquatic snack? Or does one of the felines come to the fish’s rescue in a dramatic plot twist?

Watch the video and find out all the answers.

5. A Refreshing Point Of View


Finally, let’s all take a moment to give it up for this exceptionally thirsty kitty who enjoys nothing more than a cool refreshing drink of water, taken from a bowl with a fish still living in it.

Is your own cat obsessed with fish tanks and fish bowls? Are they hungrily eyeing any fish during National Fishing Month? Tell us all about it in the comments section below!

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