National Adopt A Shelter Pet Day: 6 Reasons To Adopt A Cat From A Shelter

Cat in a cage on national adopt a shelter pet day

(Picture Credit: RapidEye/Getty Images)

National Adopt A Shelter Pet Day happens on April 30th. It’s a day to get the word out about animals in shelters waiting for forever homes, and — hopefully — it’s a day for people to bring home new, furry family members.

The cat world is full of people who are all about the “Adopt, Don’t Shop” movement, which means they encourage people to visit their local shelter and adopt a cat in need, rather than splashing cash on some designer cat sold at a profit by a breeder.

If you’re sheltering in place, all the more reason to seek out a new friend to spend time with while you’re stuck at home!

So with Adopt A Shelter Pet Day approaching, here are six solid reasons to step up and rescue a homeless cat from your local shelter.

What other reasons should people adopt from the shelter? Will you spread the word about National Adopt A Shelter Pet Day? Let us know in the comments below!

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