Kitten with Big Voice and Personality Reunited with Siblings After Being Found Alone

A tiny kitten with a big personality was reunited with her siblings after she was found alone.

Sarah @kellyfosterkittens

Sparkle Cat Rescue (based in North Carolina) took in a tuxedo kitten who was in need of foster care. She was a firecracker from the start. Despite being so small, she had a fierce and big personality.

She would meow at the top of her lungs and was quite sassy and hissy at the beginning. « It is normal for kittens to hiss at unfamiliar odors as their sense of smell is developing. She tells it exactly like she sees it, » Sarah Kelly, a foster volunteer of the rescue, shared.

The fearless tuxedo, Rita (short for Margarita), was just a few weeks old. She didn’t hold back and continued to voice her many opinions throughout her ride home.

« She’s feisty, loud, and every bit as cute as she looks. »

Sarah @kellyfosterkittens

The next day, rescuers were able to retrieve her four siblings and had Rita rejoin her littermates.

« They were found and transported to us that morning, and all were resting comfortably and safe in the incubator, » Sarah shared. « Rita is as strong and opinionated as they come, and made great gains her first night with us. We are so glad we could reunite her with her siblings. »

Sarah @kellyfosterkittens

The brave tuxedo was thrilled to be back in the purr pile with her crew (Mo, Manny, Mimi, and Julep). They snuggled away all day as a tight-knit clowder.

Rita insisted on being in the center of the cuddle puddle, so she could soak up all the love.

Sarah @kellyfosterkittens

She became more mischievous and playful with her siblings around. Sadly, Julep crossed the rainbow bridge due to a congenital condition, but the rest of the litter pulled through and thrived.

They cheered each other on and honed their feline skills together by imitating one another. Rita had many adorable quirks and wasn’t shy of showing them.

Sarah @kellyfosterkittens

She enjoyed sleeping in silly lounged out poses or walking around the house, planning her next antic.

Rita was always on the lookout for mischief, and kept her siblings on their toes with her shenanigans. Aside from being vocal and silly, the tuxedo girl was full of cattitude.

Sarah @kellyfosterkittens

« Rita kept herself immaculate (after eating) and couldn’t even fathom stepping in the food bowl, » Sarah said.

Watch Rita and her siblings in this cute video:

Rita the kitten and siblings

« She would rather plot how she is going to take over the world while cleaning her toe beans with masterful precision, making you walk to her before she meows for attention like it was all a part of her plan. »

Sarah @kellyfosterkittens

« Rita is as fun and spicy as her namesake drink. She’s a little diva who has sass and attitude to spare. She’s sweet, playful, and independent! »

Sarah @kellyfosterkittens

After weeks in foster care and a lot of character building, Rita blossomed into a charming, fun, sweet young cat.

She loves nothing more than being the princess of the house and the center of attention.

Sarah @kellyfosterkittens

When she was ready for a place of her own, the perfect family found their way to her.

The tuxedo came to Sarah with a big voice and a strong personality. After quite the journey, she found her dream home with fur siblings, a dog and a cat, and loving humans who adore her to bits.

Sarah @kellyfosterkittens

She quickly settled into her new home and won over everyone in her family within a day. « She is going to keep them entertained with her sassy antics and sweet snuggles, » Sarah shared.

Sarah @kellyfosterkittens

Her siblings also found their perfect match. Just like Rita, they are living the best lives at their forever homes.

Sarah @kellyfosterkittens

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