Fur Laughs: Cat Learns How To Laugh Just Like His Human [VIDEO]

Some of our cats definitely have a sense of humor, even though we usually don’t hear them laugh. But the cat in the video above is an exception! Watch him laugh just like his dad — on command!

The cat, named Cooter, mimics the “Ha ha ha’s” of his dad just perfectly! What a smart and funny kitty. Thanks to maseplace on TikTok for posting the video.

Your cat may not laugh like the cat above, but you can share some laughs with a fellow cat lover. Send the video to someone who could use a smile today, or try your hand at feline comedy with a few of our favorite corny cat jokes!

Funny cat laughing. Portrait of a laughing cat largly. White kitten with a red, small and cute. A cat in a good mood

(Picture Credit: kozorog/Getty Images)

There are plenty of great cat jokes out there that are sure to get a laugh, or at least a groan — which can be just as good as a laugh! Here are some of our favorites!

Can your cat make the sound of a human laugh like the cat in the video? What do you think would get your cat laughing? Let us know in the comments below!

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