Fur Laughs: Cat Decides To Crash Council Meeting To Get Some Pets [VIDEO]

Cats can bring joy to just about any occasion, even a boring council meeting, as you can see in the video above! The meeting in British Columbia’s Bowen Island Municipality gets interrupted by loud meows coming from a kitty looking for some love and attention.

As soon as a member opens the door, the cat walks right in. The feline looks happy to get scooped up for snuggles, grabs a seat at the table, then walks around for pets. The council tries to press on, but who can stay focused with an adorable cat walking around?

Send this video to someone who could use a laugh today! And if the video above has you wishing for an outgoing cat who’s happy to approach new people, here are a few tips.

Fluffy black and white cat sleeps on a gaming chair on a window

(Picture Credit: Marina Khromova/Getty Images)

It may surprise you to learn that temperament starts to form before birth. Mama cats who suffer malnourishment can give birth to kittens with brain defects that cause fear or aggression.

It’s important for mother cats to have a healthy diet. But what if the kittens are already born? Here are some tips for helping kitties become more outgoing.

Have any of your meetings had a feline interruption? Is your cat as outgoing as the kitty in the video? Let us know in the comments below!

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