Fur Laughs: Kitty Has Hilarious Way Of Knocking To Open The Door [VIDEO]

What’s a cat to do when confronted with a closed door? Well, they might do the same thing you do and knock, like the kitty in the video above. Except this cat has found a pretty funny way to do it!

We cat lovers have heard plenty of whines, meows, and scratches at closed doors in our houses, but the feline in the video has a pretty unique technique. It’s hard to ignore a knock like that!

If your cat keeps begging you to let them into a room, then let them out, then back in over and over again, they’re probably feeling a little bored and want a bit of attention or stimulation. So if your cat is knocking, try some of these exercises that will keep your indoor cat busy instead of begging you to be their personal door attendant!

Cat waiting by the door - Malaysia

(Picture Credit: Wyco/Getty Images)

If you’re looking to entertain your indoor cat, prevent boredom, and reduce rambunctious behavior, give these exercise tips a try!

Does your cat beg to go in and out of doors a lot? Do they have a funny way of gaining entry like the cat in the video? Then let us know in the comments below!

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