Kitten with Big Eyes Hops Her Way into People's Hearts and Hopes for Dream Home Someday

A kitten with sass in her eyes bounced back on her paws, and is so happy to get the help she needs to thrive.

big eyes, torbie cat, huxley, manx kitten

Shannon Basner at Mojo’s Hope

Huxley the torbie (tortoiseshell-tabby) was brought into the Anchorage Animal Control (AACC) along with a large number of cats. She came with a host of health issues and was extremely underweight and frail. Staff at AACC brought her back from the brink but noticed that the kitten would need specialized care in order to thrive.

The kitten with a stubby tail was born with a congenital condition and has been living with urinary incontinence. AACC hoped to get her into a rescue that is best equipped for her needs to ensure quality of life. « They reached out to us to see if we could bring her into our Mojo’s Hope program as our mission is to assist animals with special needs, » Shannon Basner, founder of Alaska’s KAAATs, told Love Meow.

« They sent her off with all of her goodies, a cat tree, scratchers and her favorite toy. »

big eyes, torbie cat, huxley, manx kitten

Shannon Basner at Mojo’s Hope

Soon after she arrived, she was given medical treatment for an infection. The torbie was feisty, strong-willed from the start. « We have been building up her schedule to ensure she is comfortable and getting accustomed to it. She has a great appetite and uses the litter box for her other needs, » Shannon wrote.

Huxley who is the size of a 4-month-old, has been estimated to be at least six months old (which explains her behaviors and also adult teeth).

Shannon Basner at Mojo’s Hope

« The vet also took some X-Rays so we could take a look at her spine to see what may be causing her incontinence which is most likely something called Manx Syndrome, » Shannon shared with Love Meow.

Huxley hops around (in a plantigrade stance) and needs assistance several times a day to help her potty. While they continue monitoring her health issues, the torbie girl lets nothing stop her from enjoying life.

Shannon Basner at Mojo’s Hope

She is so content and happy for all the attention she can get, and always on the lookout for mischief. The sweet kitten has a pair of large eyes that pierce through the atmosphere.

« Huxley is personality plus! She is absolutely darling, playful, affectionate and full of loving purrs. She is full of sass, determination and resilience, » Shannon told Love Meow.

big eyes, torbie cat, huxley, manx kitten

Shannon Basner at Mojo’s Hope

« She came from a complicated situation and was not in good health, so between the care she received at AACC and her resilient nature, she persevered. »

Huxley hops around her room like she owns it. Despite being very small for her age, she doesn’t lack an ounce of resolve and is confident in what she can do. She’s quite the spitfire and no toy can escape the confines of her territory.

Shannon Basner at Mojo’s Hope

« She loves to play. For a pint-sized cutie, she is larger than life itself. Her charm emanates when she plays with the crunchy ball, the laser light or her most favorite, the squishy ball, » Shannon shared with Love Meow.

« She carries the toys around and tosses them everywhere. »

Shannon Basner at Mojo’s Hope

Nothing seems to be able to slow down this little ball of energy. Huxley is an adept climber and fast on her paws. She has many expressions ranging from a fierce, powerful stare to a goofy, silly look.

« She is the epitome of joyfulness and has added that to our downstairs kitty crew. »

Shannon Basner at Mojo’s Hope

The sweet torbie is growing and glowing with proper care and a routine that keeps her comfortable and happy.

When she needs a break from playing, she rolls on her back and goes right to sleep.

big eyes, torbie cat, huxley, manx kitten

Shannon Basner at Mojo’s Hope

« We are hopeful once we get her on the mend that she will be able to choose a loving, forever home – a home that will be willing to bring her into their hearts, understand her unique special needs and provide her with the lifetime care she needs to stay happy and healthy. »

Shannon Basner at Mojo’s Hope

The sweet kitty with big eyes continues to make strides each day and live life to the fullest.

Shannon Basner at Mojo’s Hope

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