Cat Beaming with Joy When She Finds Perfect Family to Help Her Kittens Thrive

A cat was rescued from life on the streets and found the perfect family to help her kittens thrive.

Robyn Anderson at Love and Hisses

A cat found herself roaming the streets at an apartment complex after she was left there. A few months later, she was scooped up by local rescuers and taken to Forgotten Felines Huntsville with something extra in her belly.

The cat whom they named Canasta, was pregnant and needed a safe place to raise her babies. When she arrived at her foster home, she became an instant love-bug.

« She is a super friendly girl, always pleased to see me come into the room, comes over for love, supervises whatever I am doing, » Robyn Anderson, Foster Mom, shared. « She wants to be all up in your face getting love. »

Robyn Anderson at Love and Hisses

The cross-eyed beauty charmed everyone in the house including their resident cat, Charlie. It didn’t take long for Canasta to claim her throne in the foster room, and her playful side came out in full swing.

She was back in her element, being indoors, and immediately established a routine with her foster mom. After every meal, she would waddle across the room to her scratcher to have her claws filed, and then make her way to her human’s lap for a prolonged cuddle session.

Robyn Anderson at Love and Hisses

She was so content to finally have a family to cater to her every need. She ate to her heart’s content and her belly quickly expanded. « She hoovered down her plate of canned food and came to let me know that if there was more, and she would be happy to dispose of it for me, » Robyn wrote.

Charlie was rather curious about his new house-mate and frequently came to pay a visit, trying to win her over. Slowly but surely, the tabby began to grow on her.

Robyn Anderson at Love and Hisses

« She was pretty friendly when we first got her, but she is super snuggly now, » Robyn said. « She has discovered that Charlie’s tail makes a fun toy. And Charlie puts up with it pretty well. »

Canasta started showing her quirks around the house, jumping and playing with kitten-like energy while waddling about with her big belly. She claimed every piece of furniture that she could find, including Charlie’s beloved hammock.

Robyn Anderson at Love and Hisses

Week after week they patiently waited, but there were still no kittens. Just when they thought it was time, Canasta made them wait another day. « I woke up every half hour to check on Canasta through the night because I just had a feeling, but nope, (nothing happened), » Robyn wrote.

The expectant mom continued to play like a kitten would, every day without fail.

Robyn Anderson at Love and Hisses

Finally, after 47 days in foster care, Robyn woke up to Canasta howling at the door for assistance in the wee hours of the morning. With the help of her foster parents, the sweet cat brought six beautiful, healthy kittens into this world.

« They weighed between 4-4.5 ounces each (average birth weight for a kitten is 3.5 ounces.) »

Robyn Anderson at Love and Hisses

Canasta was immediately focused on her mommy duties and spent most of her time nursing and caring for her babies (Uno, Slapjack, Pinochle, Whist, Rummy, Fizzbin). There was no shortage of love and hugs for the kittens. She kept them fed and clean from head to toe.

If they made a squeak while she was on a break, the doting mother stopped everything and came running to them.

Robyn Anderson at Love and Hisses

Momma Canasta is adamant about keeping her babies close and in a place of her choosing. She doesn’t mind when Robyn weighs them, but doesn’t hesitate to take them away whenever she pleases.

« She is an incredibly calm and confident mama and is taking this whole thing in stride, » Robyn said.

Robyn Anderson at Love and Hisses

« Canasta is handling those babies well, keeping them fed and also occasionally finding time to bat a toy around the room. »

The kittens have opened their eyes and are starting to try to explore around their pen. Mama Canasta watches over them every step of the way, making sure they stay out of trouble.

Robyn Anderson at Love and Hisses

She is so happy and thankful to have loving humans to kitten-sit her little ones when she gets some me-time. She has started to talk more and even have meaningful conversations with her people.

Robyn Anderson at Love and Hisses

The sweet cat mom will never have to spend another day on the streets or go through another pregnancy. She is loving her VIP life and soaking up the love from her humans.

She is so pleased that her kittens have a roof over their heads, and showers them with endless snuggles.

Robyn Anderson at Love and Hisses

« She is awesome and whoever adopts her will be a lucky family, » Robyn wrote.

Robyn Anderson at Love and Hisses

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