Kitten with Rare Condition Strives to Grow Big and Strong and Won't Let Anything Slow Him Down

A little tuxedo kitten who was born with a rare condition, is determined to grow big and strong. The Mad Catters @madcattersinc The Mad Catters, a foster-based animal rescue charity, took in a pregnant young cat about five months ago. She was rescued in the nick of time before her babies were born. With the … Lire la suite

Kitten with Big Eyes But Half the Size, Clings to Family that Saved His Life and Transforms into Gorgeous Cat

A family gave a pint-sized kitten a fighting chance and turned his life around. Beth @the_kitten_guinness Beth, a foster volunteer of Kitty Kottage, was notified about a 99-gram kitten needing help. When she saw the little ball of fur, she was surprised by how small he was. Despite being three weeks old, the kitten was … Lire la suite

Cat with Airplane Ears Showed Up in Backyard, Now Cares for Every Foster Kitten that Comes Through the Door

A cat wandered to the right home after roaming the streets. Now, he helps every foster kitten that comes through the door. Jen Jen, a foster volunteer of Jin’s Bottle Babies (a kitten rescue in Arizona), noticed an orange tabby in her backyard about three years ago. She began caring for him and later … Lire la suite

Top 10 des pouvoirs magiques attribués aux animaux

Il y a des animaux avec de vrais super pouvoirs qui rendraient même Batman jaloux. Les capacités étonnantes que ces créatures possèdent peuvent sembler sortir d’une bande dessinée, mais elles sont authentiques. Plongeons-nous et examinons les dix principaux pouvoirs magiques attribués aux animaux. dix Lyrebirds Les oiseaux-lyre sont des imitateurs étonnants et appartiennent à deux … Lire la suite

Kitten Found in Window Well Wins Over Family that Saved Him, and Blossoms into Beautiful Cat

A kitten won over the person who saved his life and blossomed into a beautiful tuxedo cat. Alyssa Masten Cloud the tuxedo was two weeks old when he was found in a window well along with his siblings. They were brought to Anderson Animal Shelter in Illinois, needing round-the-clock bottle feedings and a lot of … Lire la suite

Kittens from Different Families Found Each Other and Decided They Would Never Be Apart

Two kittens from different litters met each other one day, and decided they would never be apart. Sophie @lola_and_popps Sophie from England welcomed Lola the brown tabby into her family a little while ago. The sweet kitten was an instant love-bug and quickly claimed her new abode as her kingdom. As happy as she was, … Lire la suite

Kittens Found Playing in Family's Backyard on Snowy Day, Turn Out to Be Sweetest Pair

Two bonded kittens showed up outside a family’s backyard on a snowy day. They turned out to be the sweetest pair. Dorset Rescue Kittens Dorset Rescue Kittens, a cat rescue based in Ontario, Canada, was contacted about two kittens that had wandered into a backyard on New Year’s Day. « The family who saw them, knew … Lire la suite